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Shield Hero FAQs

  • Are these face shields reusable?

    Yes, the face shields are made from PETG plastic which is an FDA approved medical grade material. The entire shield can be cleaned vs a 3D printed shield can collect bacteria within the rough printed 3D parts.

  • How do I clean my face shield?

    Use warm water and soap. Alternatively, sanitizer wipes or rubbing alcohol can also be used. Avoid using strong toxic disinfectant sprays as they may cause irreversible damage. .

  • Are these shields Comfortable?

    We're focused on sustainability! We've eliminated any foam material in the latest iteration of the shield, making it reusable and more cost-effective. For added comfort, place a small piece of rolled up paper towel (or cloth) between the headpiece and your forehead.

  • Can I donate to you?

    YES! I am grateful to have raised over $18,000+ and have provided thousands of shields for Hospitals + Long term centers. Feel free to donate as I continue to help Toronto's front-line workers.

  • Do you Ship?

    Currently I am only doing curb side pick ups in North York/Scarborough and deliveries at an additional charge.

    Please contact for special shipping requests.

  • Where have the donated Shields gone?

    Shields have been donated across Ontario to various Hospitals and long term senior centers.