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Shield Hero Kids (2,5,10 Pack)
Shield Hero Kids (2,5,10 Pack)
Shield Hero Kids (2,5,10 Pack)

Shield Hero Kids (2,5,10 Pack)


Shield Hero Kids: Designed for everyday use for Children age 3-5 and age 6-12


•Shields for Age 3-5 are 6.5"

•Shields for Age 6-12 are 7.5"

These children's shield have extensively been tested with children and it's been fantastic. They feel "special and cool" while having them on vs uncomfortable face-masks. 

Shield Hero Product Impact:

Over 5500+ have been donated across Hospitals, long term care centre and essential workers. 

1 Shield Hero face shield will be donated from every purchase! 

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Shield Hero Kids (2,5,10 Pack)

Shield Hero Kids (2,5,10 Pack)


Product Information

  • Product Features

    • Ability to remove the shield from the tabs for easy cleaning 

    • Easy to clean and reuse 

  • Material Specs

    Material Specifications:

    • Clear Shield - PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) - 0.02” Thick

    PETG sheet complies with the FDA requirements for food contact; and meets the requirements of ANSI Z87.1, Occupational, and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices.

    • Elastic Headband - Elastic Latex  Fabric (1” Wide x 17” Long)

    • Shield Weight: 2.6 Oz 

    • Instructions are included in each bag to ensure the straps can easily be reattached after washing. 

    • Each Shield is individually sealed in low-density polyethylene film. FDA and USDA compliant.